About Equilibrium Healthcare

logoEquilibrium Healthcare is the leading specialist provider of mental health and learning disability services within Greater Manchester.

Starting with just one home in 1993, we have grown through successfully personalising the care provided to the individual, an approach which means we swiftly adapt the facilities and services we offer as their needs change. Our homes and hospitals are well established, which allows service users to integrate with their local communities without fear of stigmatisation or exclusion, which is in itself beneficial to their mental wellbeing.

At Equilibrium Healthcare, we believe that the needs of our service users are best served by working in co-operation with the various stakeholders. We put a lot of effort into creating working partnerships to ensure that care for our service users is seamless and that their individual care pathways always remain the focus of our service provision.

We strive to achieve high quality standards throughout the operation and to provide the highest standards of care, it is obviously very important to have the highest quality of staff.

We go to great lengths in the recruitment process to ensure that we employ only the best qualified and most empathetic people, then provide continuous training and development programmes to ensure that they remain at the forefront of their profession.

Our key principles are:

  • To personalise our service users' care and treatment
  • To adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve goals for our service users via their Individual Care Pathways
  • To afford our service users the right of privacy, respect, dignity and inclusion
  • To maintain the balance between individual freedom and collective safety
  • To work in co-operation with key stakeholders

For further information on the services we provide and the facilities on offer, click on the links on the right.

Jigsaw Independent Hospital

Jigsaw provides both Challenging and Move On facilities for a total of 37 adults with a primary diagnosis of mental illness. Patients may be detained under the Mental Health Act 1983, or may be informal.
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Bigfoot Independent Hospital

Bigfoot is a hospital specialising in the care of 28 adult men whose primary diagnosis is Learning Disability but who may present with mental illness, challenging behaviours etc. Patients may be detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 though up to 10 may be informal.
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Moston Grange Care Home

Moston Grange specialises in the care of adult men and women with Young Onset Dementia. It is a long stay facility and can accommodate up to 64 adults who have a primary diagnosis of dementia - though some may present with other mental or physical
illnesses too.
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Oakland House Care Home

Oaklands is primarily a long stay facility specialising in the care of up to 38 adults who have enduring mental illness, with mild to moderate challenging behaviour, but who are not subject to the conditions of the Mental Health Act 1983.
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Supported Living

EHC also provides supported living for those people who are ready to enjoy more independent living.
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